- While in New York had the opportunity to play with John Abercrombie,
  Joe Chambers, Jack Walrath and Maria Schneider
- 1997-2001 lived in New York as freelance musician with regular concerts
  with his Quartet. During this period two CD’s were recorded
- One studio CD titled "Color Suite" and one
  live CD titled "Before I Leave" recorded on a tour in Germany
  Both CD’s appear on the Lofish Music label

- Festival performances with his own Band projects: Sofia (Bulgaria) 1992,
  Maribor (Slovakia) 1996, Hamburg 1996, New York Texaco festival
  at the Knitting Factory 1997, Jazz Baltica in Salzau with Geir Lysne 2002
  and Copenhagen Jazz Festival 2003.
- 2005 Gabriel Coburger Quartet in Taiwan, Nov. 06 Concerts at Trinidad
- 2005 with the NDR Bigband in Shanghai, Southdafrika and Mocambique
- May 2007 touring through Brasil with Joao Bosco